German Shepherd The Breed?

The German Shepherd Breed  (Deutshe Schaferhund)


The German Shepherd hails from Germany and for many accounts, they came into existence around 1899.  German Shepherds are herding dogs that were originally bred to herd sheep and keep an eye on the flock.  As a herding dog, they were noticed to be very intelligent and were found to have many trainable uses from service dogs, police, and military to search and rescue operations.

German Shepherds are fast learners and are very loyal and protective of their family.  This is why training and socialization are key to raising a GSD puppy to make sure they understand strangers are not necessarily a threat.

There is a national breed club that represents German Shepherds called The German Shepherd Dog Club of America and it’s been around since 1913. 

How much care goes into a German Shepherd Dog?


  • Grooming

    • Weekly brushing of the GSD to remove loose hair the breed sheds normally twice a year.  They have a double coat with a thick undercoat and comes in medium and long coats.

    • The most occurring coat on a GSD in the short to medium coat.

    • GSDs need their nails trimmed on a monthly basis.  They tend to grow quickly so a monthly trim is important.

  • Exercise:

    • German Shepherd Dogs need to be walked regularly.  The dogs view exercise as fun and help them not only physically but also mentally.

Some frequently asked questions about German Shepherd dogs:


How much can a German Shepherd weigh?

Males can weigh from 70 to 100 pounds while females weigh 50 to 75 pounds.


How long do German Shepherds live?

Do German Shepherds need to be trained?

  • The short answer yes!  A trained dog is a happy dog.  Because of the breed’s intelligence, they are easily trained and they actually enjoy learning and see it as a fun experience.  It’s important to find a professional trainer to make sure you have a great foundation for your GSD to learn.

According to the AKC, American Kennel Club of America as of 2019, the German Shepherd Dog is the second-most registered breed with the club.  

MOShepherds is a reputable German Shepherd Breeder located in Missouri serving Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Iowa.

German Shepherd Breeder
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