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MOShepherds breed quality German Shepherd puppies and with a focus on socializing and temperament.  Our family strives to produce beautiful healthy puppies that will be a great member of your family.  MOShepherds cares about every one of our pups and they are loved, cared for by our veterinarian several times per year and when needed.  German Shepherd puppies Kansas City.  MOShepherds offers a one-year health guarantee on all of our pups and lifetime access to breeder support.  

When deciding on your new family member remember this is a lifetime commitment of the puppy and you need to understand the training and socialization needs and how much time you are going to invest in training.  Training of a German Shepherd is important to have a healthy, well-adjusted companion and a well-behaved dog. 

German Shepherds need plenty of exercise and attention.  If you live in an apartment you need to be ready to walk your GSD regularly meaning several long walks per day.  The ideal setting is a home with a fenced back yard where the pet can exercise and run and play.  German Shepherds need training and we highly recommend socialization and obedience training by a qualified dog trainer in the Kansas City area early in the dog's life.  

Why A German Shepherd from MOShepherds a Missouri breeder serving the Kansas City area

  • You get to know the breeder who most likely has the puppy's parents or maybe even bred the parents, so they know the pup's health history.  At a breeder, you can meet the parents at a store you just see the puppy.

  • When you have a question, most of the time, a pet store doesn't know all of the answers or doesn't have the time to deal with you after the sale.  Many times you deal with multiple different people at a store versus directly with the breeder.

  • Breeders often breed one or two breeds, so they are specialists and knowledgeable, and a tremendous resource about the breed.  Do your research on breeders find their Google Reviews, review their website, find them on social media to know you are adopting from a responsible ethical breeder!  Ask questions about the health of the parents, vaccination schedules, and protocols.   

We often receive various questions about German Shepherd's health:

What Should I do to keep my German Shepherd Healthy?

Remember, an overweight dog isn’t a healthy dog because of health conditions; being overweight can trigger hip dysplasia.  Also, keeping your dog safe from injury from going up and downstairs, jump from high surfaces (example: out of the bed of a pickup truck) repeated over time could cause structural damage, which can lead to hip dysplasia. 


Do German Shepherds Shed?


Short answer, YES!  German Shepherds mostly come in a standard coat but will also have a longer coat.  One thing to consider if you are adopting a GSD into your home, be ready for hair removal.  This weekly brushing of the dog to remove the loose undercoat.  However, twice a year, the dog will blow their coat, and you will notice a large amount of hair during this time.  But we have found GSD shed regularly, and you will need to sweep and vacuum the hair once to twice a week.  


German Shepherds need to be exercised daily!  This could be a walk, running, and catching a ball in a fenced-in backyard.  We encourage you to have a fenced back yard for your dog to keep them safe and in their yard.

German Shepherd Vaccinations:  As the breeder, we start the pup off with the first rounds of core puppy vaccinations, but you must continue the vaccination protocol.  Once you adopt a dog from us, we encourage you to visit your vet 24 to 48 hours to get a puppy wellness check, the next round of vaccinations, and a protocol schedule recommended by your licensed veterinarian.


Owning a dog, it’s your responsibility to keep the puppy healthy, and vaccinations are necessary for a healthy life and with rabies vaccination as required by law.  

What Should I feed a German Shepherd Dog?  

Feed a high-quality dog food with a low-fat content that is age-appropriate.  We feed NutriSource large breed dog food, and for our puppies, large breed puppy.

  • MOShepherds is a Missouri breeder offering Kansas City German Shepherd Puppies. MOShepherds is a short drive south of the Kansas City metro with delivery options to Kansas City.

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