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German Shepherds are one of the most popular breeds registered with the AKC (American Kennel Club); in 2019, it was the second most registered breed.  German Shepherds are more than just dogs to many people; they are loyal, hardworking, and always want to please their owners.    GSDs also is an important tool with the military, police departments, search and rescue, and service animals.   German Shepherds are fast learners and are brilliant dogs, and they need to be trained; expect to sign up for dog obedience training with your new puppy.  Strongly encouraged that you participate in the training process.

German Shepherd The Right Breed for you?

You may be wondering if a German Shepherd is the right breed for me?  Are you an active person or family?  This breed is in the herding group with the AKC.  They need much exercise and like to be with you by your side as much as possible.   They will become your shadow; if you are in the living room watching tv, they will be right there, and you decide to go into another part of your home, they will be in tow.

German Shepherd Nutrition 

What Dog Food Brand Should a German Shepherd Eat? Quality brands on the market include Hills Science Diet, Blue Buffalo, Royal Canin, and Nutri Source are all good brands.  Our vet has encouraged us to avoid a grain-free diet and an all-meat diet.  If you feed your dog high-quality dog food, you shouldn’t’ need vitamin or mineral supplements.  We recommend speaking with your veterinarian about what feeding recommendations they offer and the amount of food you feed daily.

If you choose a German Shepherd for your next pet, search for a dog trainer in Mid-Missouri to help start your pet off with the right foundation.  If you are unsure, contact a German Shepherd breeder like MOShepherds and talk about the GSD needs and requirements. Some of the larger pet stores like PetCo and Petsmart in Columbia offer dog training classes.  When you adopt a pet, it's a lifetime commitment and shouldn't be taken lightly; after all, we're talking about the dog's life!

MOShepherds is a trusted breeder of German Shepherd puppies serving Missouri, including Mid-Missouri communities of Columbia, Jefferson City, and The Lake of The Ozarks.

Call or Text MOSheperds:  (417) 279-5592

Reputable German Shepherd Breeder Columbia MO

  • If you are searching for a German Shepherd breeder, make sure you research the breeder, call and speak with the breeder, ask them questions about their breeding history, vaccination protocols, their dogs' health, their veterinary health plan, deworming schedule.  Then find them online, check their website, find their Google profile, read their reviews, and find them on social media.  What are previous pet families saying about them?  Make sure you are dealing with a trustworthy, reputable breeder.

Vaccination Protocol:

  • MOShepherds vaccinates with DPv, which focuses on protection against canine distemper and canine parvovirus (parvo).  The next vaccine is DAPPv, which vaccinates again Canine Distemper Virus, Canine Adenovirus 2, Canine Parainfluenza Virus, Canine Parvovirus.  We also vaccinate with Intra-Trac3, which PROVIDES PROTECTION AGAINST TRACHEOBRONCHITIS (“CANINE COUGH”).  Your vet will then vaccinate on a 3 to 4-week schedule with boosters until the pup reaches 16 weeks of age.  You vet will need to administer annual boosters.

  • Canine Distemper Virus, Canine Adenovirus 2, Canine Parainfluenza Virus, Canine Parvovirus again Other vaccinations will include vaccination against Leptospirosis, Bordetella, with annual boosters plus monthly heartworm prevention, and rabies vaccination must occur at 12 weeks of age according to Missouri State law.  The puppy will need yearly boosters for the rest of their life to give them the best advantage of not contracting these infectious diseases.  Please review the vaccine protocol with your veterinarian and make a plan to keep your pet healthy and vaccinated.  

  • GSDs are a lot of fun, but they need to be socialized to be around strangers.  Taking them on walks or visiting your favorite store that allows dogs to visit is key to raising a happy and healthy puppy!  Socialization is an ongoing process that doesn't stop at a certain age.  

German Shepherds Jefferson City MO

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Mid-MO German Shepherd Puppies

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MOShepherds serving the entire state of Missouri including Mid-Missouri areas of Columbia, Jefferson City, Fulton, Eldon, Booneville, Moberly, Hermann, Sedalia, Rolla, Mexico, Osage Beach, Fort Leonard Wood, and Lake of The Ozarks as a reputable German Shepherd breeder.
Other Locations served:  Kansas City; Springfield, MO; NW Arkansas, St. Louis
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German Shepherd Puppies

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