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When searching for a German Shepherd puppy, make sure you do your research and find a trustworthy breeder.  It would help if you researched the breeder, check their site, their Google reviews, social media pages, call and speak with the breeder.  Beware! Some unscrupulous people will take your money you need to do your homework!!

MOShepherds is a reputable breeder with a track record of producing quality German Shepherd puppies located in Missouri with delivery options to the St. Louis metropolitan area.

The ideal temperament for a GSD is a confident dog without hostility with a certain aloofness that doesn’t lend itself to immediate indiscriminate friendships.  According to the AKC’s German Shepherd breed standard, the animal should be eager and alert, willing to serve as a companion, watchdog, herding dog, or guardian.

Read the AKC Breed Standard for the German Shepherd.

German Shepherds need a lot of exercise and a large yard, preferably a fenced area for them to run and play daily.  They also need training and socialization!  We start the process, but as the owner, you need to build on our foundation.  We highly recommend finding a qualified dog trainer in the St. Louis area to help with training, but you need to be involved in the training process for the best results.

What Should I feed a German Shepherd Dog?  Feed a high-quality dog food with a low-fat content that is age-appropriate.  We feed NutriSource large breed dog food, and for our puppies, large breed puppy.

German Shepherd Puppies are active and full of drive ready to play learn and run so be ready for an active puppy!

Trusted German Shepherd Breeder St. Louis, MO

  • The importance of finding a trusted German Shepherd Breeder is key!  You need to research the breeder and understand their breeding practices, socialization protocols, and vaccination schedule. Ask questions!  MOShepherds is a reputable GSD breeder that serves all of Missouri and the St. Louis area.

  • German Shepherds are loyal companions who bond with their family, and the desire to protect their pack (which is their family.) It's imperative that you socialize your German Shepherd Puppy to know other people, and they can understand how they are expected to behave.  Training, training, training is imperative for GSDs, but really any dog needs to be trained.  A trained dog is a happy dog!  Find a trainer in the St. Louis area. 

  • Socialization is key to having a healthy, happy companion, which should continue at an early age.  As the breeder, we expose the puppy to different surfaces and sounds. We encourage all of our puppy families to commit to a socialization plan from meeting various family members to taking the puppy out in public (once the puppy series of vaccinations are completed, seek your veterinarian’s guidance before going to dog parks, pet stores, etc.)  Remember, your puppy is susceptible to diseases that are present in their new world.  We encourage our families to wait at least until the puppy is 16 weeks old before going to dog parks, etc.  Again, seek your vet’s guidance.

  • Breeders often breed one or two breeds, so they are specialists and knowledgeable, and a tremendous resource about the breed.

Do you have a question? Give us a call at (417) 279-5592
We are here to help?  Ask away!

GSD Puppies St. Louis, MO

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MOShepherds serving Missouri and St. Louis and surrounding areas of Chesterfield, Fenton, St. Charles, St. Peters, Maryland Heights, Crestwood, O'Fallon, Ballwin, Washington, De Soto, Wentzville, Hillsboro, Arnold, Festus, Farmington, Clayton, and Cape Girardeau as a reputable German Shepherd breeder.
Other Locations served:  Mid-Missouri; Springfield, MO; NW Arkansas, Kansas City.
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German Shepherd Puppies
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