New Puppy Training Needs

No matter the breed of dog, all dogs need to be trained when adding a new pup to your family.  Puppies especially need to understand boundaries, and those should be established the day you bring them home.   


It could take 4 to 6 months to fully house train a puppy, but some dogs could take longer. 


From our experience, this is what has worked for our family when training a new puppy, and you will need to experiment until you find the right structure for you or consult a dog trainer.


  • The puppy needs its own space, and I always suggest a kennel or crate.

  • Food and water location need to be established and not moved.

  • How to potty train my new puppy?

  • You must commit to training and stick to it.


The puppy needs its own space, and why a kennel/crate? The puppy needs to feel secure, and a kennel (or a crate) provides that structure or feeling of security. This is where the puppy should sleep every night. Don’t start with the pup in bed with you, or the puppy will sleep with you for the rest of its life.   Trust me!  Our  German Shepherd Dogs are bed hogs at 100-110 pounds; they are hard to move in the middle of the night when they are in your spot.


Establish a feeding schedule; we feed first thing in the morning and then when we get home from work in the evening.  It’s important not to overfeed your pup and adequately measure the serving and find the proper amount of food per serving by reading the dog food bag and consulting your veterinarian.




After feeding your dog is the perfect time to take them outside.  Initially, expect to spend some time with your pup outside until they figure out their bathroom is the back yard.  Make sure you praise and reward your puppy, and a training treat is an excellent way to break through to your pup.


When you get up in the morning, the pup should immediately go outside, and anytime the puppy has been in its crate for an extended period.  In most cases, dogs want to keep their den (crate) as clean as possible and typically hold it as long as they can before the soil their home.


If possible, I would recommend if you work an 8+ hour day, you find time to come home and let them outside.  This will aid in them keeping their crates clean. 


Housetraining your puppy is all about repetition.  There will be accidents initially, and once the dog understands the process, there should be less.  But on occasion, no dog is perfect.


Never yell, or scold the puppy. It doesn’t understand loud tones, and it will only confuse or frighten them, making training more difficult. If they potty on the floor after you just took them outside, immediately put them into their crate.  Leave them in there for a while and then immediately take them outside to potty.   You should form the connection of coming out of the crate and directly going outside to potty.


When first bringing the puppy home, I recommend taking the puppy outside every 30 to 45 minutes while out of their crate bonding with your family.  Then you can slowly expand the intervals to an hour or longer.  


Important potty times:


  • First thing in the morning, immediately out of their crate, right after feeding, and just before going to bed for the evening.


Puppies need training, and any large breed dogs, especially German Shepherd Dogs, need to be socialized and trained.  I would encourage you to find a trainer in your local area and commit to training your dog frequently.  If you can’t afford dog training, enroll in pet store classes, many offer your puppy early learning opportunities. Some communities have breed-specific groups for German Shepherds; there is the German Shepherd Dog Club of America with local chapters across the country and even the world.  Remember, your puppy should be fully vaccinated before taking them into the world to pet stores, dog training facilities, and dog parks.  Your new puppy should visit a veterinarian as soon as possible when bringing a new puppy into your home.

If you are interested in a German Shepherd Puppy, please consider, Missouri German Shepherd Puppies, search our puppy page and see our process of adopting a pup for your family.  Deciding on a puppy is a lifelong commitment and shouldn’t be taken lightly from space to time commitments to training; there is a lot of work and costs to owning a happy, healthy dog.  If you can’t adequately care for a dog, please don’t adopt one for the animal’s sake.

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