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The New Puppy Checklist

Adding a puppy to your family is very exciting and a life time responsibility it can be overwhelming process at the same time.  We put together some suggestions of things you need before your new puppy comes home. 

Sleeping Space (crate)

The puppy will need a safe space a place they can call their own and a crate or dog carrier is the perfect option.  Make sure you place a soft blanket in carrier.  This will serve as dual purpose one a place to sleep at night and place for them to stay while you are away.  We crate train all of our pups at MOShepherds and will help you with house training your new fur baby.

Food and Water Bowls

Make sure you have food and water bowls on hand and teach the puppy where to get a drink and where his food will be located in the home.

Leashes or Leads

These are a very important tool for a new puppy and to keep the puppy safe!  Find a collar or dog harness and a proper lead that will work in leash training your puppy.

Food and Treats

At MOShepherds we feed our pups Nutrisource Large Breed Puppy formula dog food.  We find Nutrisource provides a good balance of nutrition without too much fat.  Stay away from anything grain free educate yourself on puppy nutrition.  Get some small treats from the pet store to aid in training your puppy.

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